Nouvelles cuvées EN — 11.04.2017

Sept Etoiles, a common story and old skills for a top range cuvée

After a rigorous plot selection, a precise winemaking and a long aging in oak barrels, we wish to let our terroir characteristics express themselves. Its hillsides and diverse soils - lœss, limestone scree and its stony plateaux that allows to make unique great wines...

Look… This is a wine with a deep ruby red color. Smell… You will find a complex nose with black black fruits and spices aromas and subtle smoked notes. Taste… You will experience a nice density, with silky tanins at the ending that are blended with some candied red fruits aromas. This Nectar with great aging potential will complement meat in sauce, venison and stew.

The cuvée « Sept étoiles » is the quintessence of our wines. This bound, between the Cellier des Chartreux and the Saint Gervais vineyard, remains us their common history and their traditional skills.

Did you know ?

The seven star of the Ordre des Chartreux coat of arms remains us the beginning of the Order during eleventh century by Saint Bruno and six companions.

After several attempts on his solitary spiritual research, Saint Bruno reaches Grenoble with 6 comparions to meet the young and holy bishop Hugues. The latter claims to have seen in his dream God building, for his own glory, a mountain named "Chartreuse" , a place with just a few people « the désert » ; seven stars indicated the path.

Hugues saw in Bruno's arrival a sign related to his mysterious dream and he brought him and his 6 friends on the mountain. Summer 1084, Bruno finally found the solitary place he was looking for.
Nathalie D.