Chartreux Connection

Friendly adventures

A friendly adventure

The Cellier des Chartreux and Sébastien Chabal,

some common values

CREATIVITY AND TALENT, a sens of team work, but also a lot of warmth and humor,

the Cellier des Chartreux’s winemakers and Sébastien Chabal were meant to work together. 

At the beginning of this adventure, as with most project, no strategy nor growth factors… Nothing like that, just an idea launched by a common friend: “ Frankly, I’m pretty sure you could do something amazing with Sebastien!” The idea was born and the rendez-vous was fixed. A first contact, then a meeting, and yes indeed we lit a spark! Sébastien Chabal and the Cellier des Chartreux’s winemakers will, for sure, make wines together.

The Cellier des Chartreux and Sébastien Chabal,

a strong commitment 

From the beginning, the goal was sharp and clear: “the wines born from the partnership between the Cellier des Chartreux and Sébastien Chabal will be the result of a collective work, where everyone brings, with its personal background, his own technic and sensibility”.

At the Cellier des Chartreux, our wines are “Drinking stories” — Origine, Chevalier d’Anthelme, le Clan des Loups, la Nuit tous les Chats sont Gris, — all those names represent a raft of shared adventures which only tell their stories inside a glass of wine. For the collaboration between Sébastien Chabal and the Cellier des Chartreux the goal was exactly the same: to create, with respect, pleasure and pride, a peculiar and a creative story. 

Now, we offer a wine’s range that reflects perfectly this strong partnership and dialogue between us and Sébastien. From vineyards’ selection to the blending, from labels’ design to the bottling… All these steps have been managed together with our own skills in order to elaborate an unique product which can brings together men and lands: the wine.

the journey in pictures