The « Cellier des Chartreux », between Provence and Languedoc

The “Cellier des Chartreux” is located only minutes from Avignon, the Capital of “Côtes du Rhône”. Covering a land area of 570 ha on the banks of the Rhône in the Gard, the vineyards enjoy optimal climatic conditions. Grape vines are ideally placed to benefit from the sunshine and the “Mistral” is a major ally against diseases.
The vineyards extend on a “Vins de pays” area and on “Côtes du Rhône”, “Côtes du Rhône Village“ and « Cru Lirac » appellations. Our « Côtes du Rhône » are made with grapes coming from plots covered with worn pebbles, located on hills dominating the plain of Pujaut. This plain is a former dry pond, where our “Pays du Gard” wines are made.
In recent years, the contribution of new vine varieties allows the production of varietal wines, such as Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot for red wine and Sauvignon, Viognier, Chardonnay for white wine.
60 wine growers work on this terroir, with the same goal of producing quality wines with due respect for traditions.

Our wine cellar

To combine traditions and innovations

The “Cellier des Chartreux” has never stopped looking to the future to defend the quality of its “terroir”. So in 2001, a wine cellar was built, with a 40000 hl stainless steel vat. This extremely functional unit enables a very precise control of winemaking operations. Thanks to high-tech equipment and technologies (“flash détente” since 2004 and 3 pneumatic presses), the grape harvest is vinified in accordance with its “terroir” and its appellation of origin. A warehouse for bottles and Bax-in-Box and a barrel maturation storehouse, also thermo regulated, will be built.

The « Cellier des Chartreux » and the green energy

A rigorous work in selecting and contolling the plots enables to ensure the quality of our wines and of yields.
Wine growers, vineyard technicians, the cellar master and the oenologist work together to satisfy all good wine lovers.
Environmental protection is also at the heart of the concerns of “Cellier des Chartreux”, who encourages sustainable agriculture and is part of the EDF “Green Energy” program.
Renewable energies are therefore included in the winery operations.

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