Côtes du Rhône wines discovery road

Welcome on touristic road from Côtes du rhône, from Roquemaure to Remoulins ! Make a stop in Pujaut, nice village in the middle of the « vine sea » surrounded by the hills and the guarrigue with the « Mont Ventoux » as background.
Discover our wines and original ideas to explore our territory rich in history and heritage.

The pond trail
Between vineyard, history and geography, the ”Cellier des Chartreux” invites you to discover the richness of its terroir.

Discover the vineyard of the “Cellier des Chartreux” and its nine grape varieties… The history and the local geography… The three Carthusian Farms, the Aerodrome and the two “roubines” (small canals). You will notice the very particular colour of the pond soil: this is due to the erosion of limestone cliffs surrounding the hollow and the runoff for millennia leading to the deposition of a several meters thick lacustrine and alluvial layer.
The pond trail is 8 to 9 km long and accessible to cyclists and pedestrians.
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Discover oenology differently

Fly over our vines and enjoy an exceptional panorama with the Mont Ventoux, Avignon, the Rhône…A unique experience in a glider with a professional pilot (20 mn flight) or in a mono-glider (30 mn flight) from the Pujaut aerodrome. Your exploration will continue with a guided tour of our winery and then a tasting of 3 of our wines to share with your close relations.

A territory, an heritage

Pont d’Avignon, Palais des Papes, Fort Saint André, Camargue, Théâtre Antique in Orange, the Alpilles Regional Nature Park, the Pont du Gard…
There are a lot of places to visit in our region! So come and stay here, between Provence and Languedoc.
Villeneuve Les Avignon and Avignon’s Tourist Office will help you to plan future excursions.

Villeneuve Lez Avignon’s Tourist Office
Avignon’s Tourist Office
Pont du Gard website
Wine and heritage

Taste 5 of our wines, after having discovered their elaboration in our winery, and then an unusual visit to the Chartreuse in Villeneuve Lez Avignon!

Gourmet gateway

A gastronomic adventure between Pujaut and Villeneuve Lez Avignon that will allow you to discover how the grape becomes wine and the olive becomes olive oil. Then visit our winery and taste 3 of our wines. And after that, a guided tour in the Chartreuse in Villeneuve Lez Avignon where you will sip a seasonal soft drink in an exceptional setting. And eventually taste several olive oils in the “Moulin de la Chartreuse”.

To visit

Inter Rhône rewards the oenotouristic work of the Cellier des Chartreux

Inter Rhône presented a distinction to 21 cellars to reward the quality of their oenotouristic activities. Among them the Cellier des Chartreux.
Mrs Hubeda Sisi received this prestigious award from Mr Michel Bernard hands, the Oenotourism Officer by Inter Rhône.