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Shared knowledges

A few minutes from Avignon, capital of Côtes-du-Rhône since 1929. The 81 cooperators of the Cellier des Chartreux gladly combine the creativity of a human sized company with the sense of reality and responsibilities of a hundred years of experience!


Dialogue with

With its rich and nice complementarity of its soils, from the “cold” Northern lands of Saint-Gervais to the “hot” pebbles of Pujaut's land, the Cellier des Chartreux enjoys a perfect territory to pay great tribute to the beauty of its terroirs and vineyards.


Drinking story


Côtes du Rhône Villages, Crus de Tavel & Lirac, Saint-Gervais Villages, Côtes du Rhône, Gard... 

Since 1929,with its selection of uniques Terroir, the Cellier des Chartreux creates, with respect, enthusiasm and creativity, a precious patchwork of sensational wines!


Friendly adventures

Sharing stories, skills and decency, that is the Chartreux Connection's goal "the desire to elaborate great wines together". For this first "friendly adventure", the winemakers of the Cellier des Chartreux has worked with Sébastien Chabal . Elegant, frank and passionate, a real sense of humor and irony. This a man who can combine the essential: the spirit, the art and the manners...