Grape varieties

There are 21 grape varieties allowed in the appellation. The selection of their particular qualities, the finesse and the richness of their blendings are the result of the winegrower’s work. Grenache, the basic grape variety for red wines, provides fruitiness, warmth and roundness. Syrah and Mourvèdre give to the wine spicy aromas, a deep colour and an intense structure, ensuring graceful ageing. Cinsault provides finesse and is used to produce rosé and en Primeur fruity wines. White wines combine aromas and freshness thanks to the blending of different grape varieties like Bourboulenc, White Grenache, Roussanne, Marsanne, Clairette and/or Viognier.
For red and rosé wines, Grenache must make up at least 40% of the grape variety mix. For white wines, 80% of the grape variety mix is made up with White Grenache, Clairette, Marssanne, Roussanne, Bourboulenc and Viognier.
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Côtes du Rhône Villages

Côtes-du-Rhône Villages

Côtes-du-Rhône Villages are produced on alluvial terrassed slopes and plains. The vine grows here since Roman times and the ”Côtes-du-Rhône Villages” vineyard is composed of not less than 95 communes. From the Provencal Drôme to the banks of the Durance river to the east and from the Ardèche to the Pont du Gard to the west, discover these villages perched on their promontory and hunt out the finest wines.

“Saint Vérédème” is a generous red wine and goes wonderfully well with game, Provençale Daube, all stuffed vegetables and truffle preparations. This elegant and fine wine tastes good with gourmet salads, offal (calf's livers, kidneys, calf sweetbreads), duck breast, veal, pork roast, lamb stew or hard and semi-hard cheeses.

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The Vintages


Lirac is one of the most southern wines in the Rhône valley… but also the greatest secret! It grows in a preserved and quiet environment. However, the grape vine growes here since antiquity. The appellation is classified Cru of Côtes-du-Rhône since 1947. The appellation extends over the best soils of 4 little communes in the Gard. Already in the Middle Ages, this vineyard on the Rhône “coast” was renowned for its quality wines. The blending of wines from different terroirs enables to create the Lirac style: powerful, structured and aromatic, but fresh and always elegant. A treasure to explore!
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The only Cru Rosé and one of the few rosés you can age. The range of colour goes from salmon to deep pink like rubies. A complex nose with aromas of red fruits leading on stone fruits and almond sweet notes while their ample and round palate reveals powerful aromas enhanced by spicy notes.
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Modern wines

The idea of these “new world” wines, but elaborated in the “old world”, is a way of meeting the current trend in consumption. With these new packagings, the “Cellier des Chartreux” wanted to convey an accurate image of the cellar regarding technologies and modernity.
These wines are a source of immediate pleasure during tasting and subtly combine innovation and quality.

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Grape varieties

Red and White grape varieties

The “Cellier des Chartreux” invites you to discover varietal wines, the complicity and the knowledge of each wine specificity. On high quality terroirs, you will find wines with a strong personality, excellent typical character. They will fully satisfy you whatever the dishes you will savour. Our cellar master creates these wines with passion and an ancestral know-how. So much wines to discover…
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"Cuvée des Chartreux"

“Cuvée des Chartreux” : “Vins de Pays du Gard“

Our cellar master creates the Cuvée of ”Cellier des Chartreux” obtained from harvests and wines selected on privileged terroirs with Protected Geographical Indication. Our cellar is renowned for this wine. It is available in Red, Rosé and White. These “Vins de Pays” are made with passion from a selection of several southern grape varieties.
You will discover wines with a beautiful colour, combining light shades and a nice concentration of aromatic sensations. To taste for pleasure…
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